Thai Fish Soup

I saw a recipe for Thai fish soup in the local food co-op circular and gave it a whirl.

Below: If you saw these ingredients, you’d just have to know that whatever you were about to eat was going to be good.


Below: The recipe called for a good amount of fresh lime juice.


Below: A lovely cross-section of a lemongrass stalk.


Below: Another look at the lemongrass.





The final product was very good, although it was a bit heavy with the lime flavor.

Collard Green Tacos

I’ve been digging collard greens lately. But you get into a rut sometimes. So, I decided on a new twist on the greens.

I mixed tahini with toasted sesame oil and ume plum vinegar to make a thick Asian flavored spread. I spread the sesame mix inside a taco shell, stuffed it with lightly steamed collards, and topped it with crunchy radish half-moons for more texture.

The Senses Engaged

There’s something primal about savory flavors eaten between crunchy layers of carbohydrate. Tacos, sandwiches on toasted bread…other stuff. Po’boys on crusty French bread were standard eats back in Louisiana for a good reason. Continue reading