Chanha Masala

I love Indian cuisine. The use of spice, the use of vegetables and legumes, and the absence of overwhelming quantities of meat (if there is any at all) make me feel great when I eat Indian.

So, it’s been one of the cuisines I’ve tried to learn and master, with varying degrees of success.

Below: The primary ingredients – tomatoes, onions, mustard seeds (the yellow round ones), cumin seeds, whole cloves and chanha masala (a spice powder).



Below: Chickpeas, otherwise known as garbanzo beans. I LOVE chickpeas. They are creamy and tender. I feel better when I eat them. Loaded with thamin, B6, fiber, protein, and folate, it is commonly mentioned in lists of “superfoods.”


Below: Using the cast iron skillet for extra iron. Cooking acidic foods, such as tomatoes, in cast iron really helps pull the iron out and supplement your iron intake.



Below: The creamy result of chana masala. Sweetness from the onion, acidity from the tomato, texture from the chickpeas (the chana), and intense flavor from the masala (spices). Serve on warm basmati rice and enjoy good health!