Conscious Cravings

I’ve been trying to check out vegetarian restaurants and food trucks in Austin and Conscious Cravings had great reviews on Yelp, so I decided to stop by a couple of times to give them a try.

They have a very nice, clean trailer parked on MLK near Guadalupe. Clearly, a clean trailer is helpful for any food vendor, but when your image is of health and you align your mission with ethical eating, an uber-slick exterior is very consistent.


Below: Rosemary French fries. A workday indulgence.


I tried a couple of dishes. One was a tofu dish with chimichurri sauce and what I believe was sriracha. I especially love their basmati-quinoa blend, which they serve as a base for the gluten free customers (normally, dishes are served as a wrap). There was also a layer of lettuce, and a few slices of tomato, as well. Overall, it was like a healthy, balanced salad with vegetables, grains, and protein. Plus terrific flavor. Note – I don’t think this is actually on the menu. I think I miscommunicated with the cook and ended up with a hybrid of two menu items. Still, it was very good!

Below: Three thin slices of tofu with chimichurri sauce, grains, and lettuce.


I also tried the spicy chickpeas and loved them! Also served on the lettuce-quinoa-basmati base layer, they are spicy and nutritious.