Granola and Grits

Whole grains are so very important to a healthful diet – nutrient packed and stocked with fiber, they are a useful cornerstone for just about anyone’s diet.

Sweet Beginning

A classmate hooked me up with some honey from his Massachusetts home hive. I tried it at home, and it had a lovely light floral sweetness.


Lab Kitchen – Breakfast for Brunch

We cooked oats and grits for lab today, so we got lots of delicious grains to try just before lunch time. We had four recipes to prepare in each group, which is the most food we’ve had to cook in our lab kitchen. Everyone was engaged with a recipe, and that also meant there was a lot of diversity when the tasting time came – granola, oat bowls, sweet grits, and savory grits. It was a breakfast grain fest!

Below: Mini oat bowls.


Below: Bircher Muesli – yum!


Below: Steel-cut oats.


Below: Another bowl of Bircher Muesli. I worked on this dish and learned that shredded apple stays fresh when dressed with water and lemon juice. When you need the apple, just press out the water/juice.


Lunchtime Stroll

I went for a walk at lunch to clear my mind…

Below: A bluebonnet popping up to say “hello.”


Below: A market is apparently planned to open in the business center where the school is located. It might be a great place to grab lunch during a break, although lunch is increasingly unnecessary when we have cooking lab in the morning. 🙂


Below: Another sight on my walk – an agave (century plant?) and bluebonnets.


Below: I’ve had a few requests for photos of me in my uniform, so here you go. 🙂