Pressed Salad

Pressed salad is a dish common to macrobiotics. It is cooling, gentle, and light – a nice contradiction to a diet of dried out or heavy things (bread, crackers, meat, etc.). It is a delicious all-purpose salad that I absolutely love. It’s fun to eat with chopsticks and very, very easy to make. I learned to make pressed salad at The Natural Epicurean and I think it will become a favorite of yours, too.

There are endless combinations, but I start mine with radish, carrot, and cucumber – or whatever is on hand. I use my Benriner mandoline slicer to get thin consistent cuts. For one serving you only need about two radishes, half a carrot, and part of a cucumber. You don’t need a mandoline slicer but be sure to cut the vegetables thinly – this is a soft salad and you want to draw out some of the moisture from each thin slice.

Below: Veggies ready for salad!


Below: Nice thin cuts! Thanks Benriner!


Next, you massage about 1/4 teaspoon of unrefined Continue reading

Collard Green Tacos

I’ve been digging collard greens lately. But you get into a rut sometimes. So, I decided on a new twist on the greens.

I mixed tahini with toasted sesame oil and ume plum vinegar to make a thick Asian flavored spread. I spread the sesame mix inside a taco shell, stuffed it with lightly steamed collards, and topped it with crunchy radish half-moons for more texture.

The Senses Engaged

There’s something primal about savory flavors eaten between crunchy layers of carbohydrate. Tacos, sandwiches on toasted bread…other stuff. Po’boys on crusty French bread were standard eats back in Louisiana for a good reason. Continue reading